Cervical cancer screening coverage

Through the Behavioural Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS), the Department of Health has been monitoring closely the coverage of cervical cancer screening among Hong Kong women since 2004.

The BRFSS is set up by the Surveillance and Epidemiology Branch, Centre for Health Protection of the Department of Health to collect information on health-related behaviours of the Hong Kong adult population through regular telephone surveys. The information is useful for monitoring the trend of health-related behaviours, which is important for planning, implementing and evaluating health promotion and disease prevention programmes.

The first Behavioural Risk Factor Survey (BRFS) was conducted in October 2004. From October 2004 to April 2006, BRFS was conducted once every 6 months. Since April 2006, the BRFS has been conducting annually, while the questions on coverage of cervical cancer screening were asked every two years after April 2010.

Questions and results regarding cervical cancer screening in the survey are as follows:

(1) Have you ever had a cervical smear?

Percentage of respondents aged 25 - 64 who have ever had a cervical smear

(2) When did you have the last cervical smear taken?

Percentage of respondents aged 25 - 64 with last cervical smear taken within the last 3 years

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