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Treatment options for pre-cancerous lesions include:

  1. Loop electrosurgical excision procedure (LEEP): the area of abnormal cells is removed using an electrically heated wire loop under local anaesthesia. It is usually an outpatient procedure and may be done at the time of colposcopy straight away without biopsy.

  2. Electrocoagulation diathermy: a probe with electric current is used to remove the abnormal area. It is done in an outpatient clinic.

  3. Cryosurgery: a cold probe will be used to freeze away the abnormal cells in an outpatient clinic.

  4. Cold coagulation: a hot probe, instead of the name implied, is used to destroy the abnormal cells. It is usually done in an outpatient clinic. Some menstruation-like pain may be felt during treatment.

  5. Laser vapourization: it is usually an outpatient procedure performed under local anesthesia. A laser is a strong hot beam of light which is used to burn away the abnormal area. You may sense some burning smell during treatment.

  6. Cone biopsy: under local or general anesthesia, a cone of abnormal cervical tissue is excised. After treatment, there may be some bleeding. You should avoid using tampon or sexual intercourse until the treated area is healed.

Treatment of cervical cancer:

  • It depends on the stage of the cancer. The general rule is that the earlier stage of the cancer and the earlier it is treated, the higher cure rate would be and less aggressive treatment is required.

  • Treatment options include surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, alone or in combination.

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