Past Events & News – 2007


List of Accredited Laboratories under HOKLAS


19 Dec 2007

Under the Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (HOKLAS), the accredited laboratory is recognized as possessing the capability to perform specific test according to accreditation criteria and requirements, which is important in maintaining the quality of a cervical smear test. General public, health professionals and laboratory personnel can visit to the following link: Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (HOKLAS) to view the list of accredited laboratories for their reference.


New webpages on Human Papillomavirus are now available


23 Nov 2007

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is an important risk factor for causing cervical cancer. Practice safe sex, avoid smoking, receive HPV vaccine and most importantly, regular cervical screening are important measures for preventing cervical cancer. Recently, HPV vaccine has become a hot topic in Hong Kong. In order to provide more information about this issue to the general public, new webpages on HPV are now available on the website.


New webpages on Cervical Screening Information System are now available


23 Nov 2007

Cervical Screening Information System (CSIS) is a computerized central registry for storing data related to cervical screening. With the data collected from women, service providers and laboratories, CSIS facilitates service providers to read the test records of registered women in providing better patient care, as well as sending reminder letters to women who are due for screening. Detailed guidelines and steps on how to register, activate the account and view the results online through the CSIS are now available on the website. (link to webpages, please)

If you wish to register the CSIS now, please click here.


Publicity on Television - "Knowing More About Cervical Screening"


29 Oct 2007

A series of 10 episodes 1-minute health promotion programme will be shown in TVB Jade Channel at 23:35, from Monday to Friday, starting from 5 to 16 November. Through the daily stories between a mother and her two daughters, women can learn more about the cause of cervical cancer and the importance of regular cervical smear. For the sake of your health and the health of your relatives and friends, please don't miss this programme.


Audio messages about Cervical Screening Programme


22 Jan 2007

In order to facilitate women receiving the health messages about cervical cancer and Cervical Screening Programme (CSP) through multimedia, an audio message in Cantonese, Putonghua and English was prepared and are now available in the 24-hour education hotline of Department of Health (2833 0111).


Poster Campaign in Railway Networks


18 Jan 2007

In order to strengthen the awareness of public to cervical cancer prevention, posters about cervical screening will be placed in stations of MTR and KCR in February and March. Besides, the InfoPanel inside MTR train will also display messages about Cervical Screening Programme. Please take notice of the messages.


Video API broadcast in Television


15 Jan 2007

In order to remind women to have cervical smear regularly, a video on "Killer cancer of Hong Kong women - Cervical Cancer" will be shown in TVB Jade and ATV Home Channel from Jan to Mar 2007. Young, middle age or elderly women should have regular cervical screening to prevent cervical cancer.


Fact Sheets on Human Papillomavirus Vaccine


11 Jan 2007

The Department of Health has prepared a fact sheet each on human papillomavirus vaccine for women and health care professionals to provide them with the updated information of the vaccine.


Household Invitation Letter


3 Jan 2007

Starting from January 2007, a new round of invitation letters will be sent to all households in Hong Kong by phases. The letter is to arouse women's awareness towards cervical cancer and invite women who have ever had sex to receive regular cervical smear. An Information booklet on cervical cancer and the Cervical Screening Programme will be included.


Promotion boards of Cervical Screening Programme exhibited in Customs and Excise Department


3 Jan 2007

In order to raise the awareness of staff of Customs and Excise Department (C&ED) on cervical screening and men's health, the Department of Health collaborated with C&ED in October 2006 to exhibit the promotion boards of Cervical Screening Programme and Men's Health Programme during their internal activity. There were also distribution of booklets, leaflets and souvenirs during the exhibition. Please click here to see the photos.


C&W District Women's Health Promotion Programme


3 Jan 2007

In November 2006, C&W District Council Steering Committee on Healthy Community, in collaboration with Department of Health and several community organizations, launched C&W District Women's Health Promotion Programme. The programme included activities such as free cervical smear, women health ambassador training, mobile health information booth, fitness training class and women's health survey etc. Please click here to see the photos of the programme launch ceremony.





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