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Invitation Letter to Women in Hong Kong

Dear Madam,

April 2004

Protect yourself against cervical cancer

Do you know there is a simple test that can help reducing your risk of getting cervical cancer? A cervical screening programme in Hong Kong has been started since 8 March 2004 to help women get this protection.

Cervical cancer is still common in Hong Kong. In the early stages, there may be no symptoms and it is almost always silent. Yet the good news is that the risk of getting cervical cancer can be reduced if you go for regular cervical smears. Cervical smear is a simple test that can detect changes in your cervix before cancer develops.

If you have ever had sex, whether you are single, married or have reached menopause, you should have regular cervical smears. Don't wait for symptoms, every woman needs regular cervical smears. If you have never had a cervical smear, please make an appointment with your family doctor, gynaecologist, the government maternal and child health centre or other health clinics. Should you have any queries, please talk to your doctor.

Enclosed please find a booklet which should answer your questions about the cervical smear, how often you need to have one and where to go for the test. You can also call our 24-hour health education hotline 2833 0111 for information or visit our website

Act now to protect your health!

Yours faithfully,

(Dr. P.Y. LAM)
Director of Health

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