Cervical Screening Programme
Department of Health
The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

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  • Cervical cancer screening is for healthy women who have no symptom.
  • Women aged 25-64 years who ever had sex, irrespective of marital status, are recommended to receive regular cervical cancer screening.
  • Screening may be discontinued in women aged 65 years or above if three previous consecutive smears within 10 years are normal.
  • Women aged 65 years or above who ever had sex and have never had cervical cancer screening should talk to the doctor about having a cervical smear, even if they no longer have periods, haven’t had sex for many years or had sterilisation.
  • Women aged below 25 years who ever had sex and risk factors for cervical cancer (such as multiple sexual partners, smoking, weakened immunity), should seek advice from doctors concerning the need for cervical cancer screening.
  • Women who have received HPV vaccination still need regular cervical cancer screening because HPV vaccination does not protect against the HPV types not included in the vaccine, nor against existing HPV infections.
  • Women who have never had sex do not need cervical cancer screening.
  • Women who have hysterectomy with removal of cervix for benign diseases and without prior history of cervical changes can discontinue screening.
  • If in doubt, please consult the doctor.

Decision flowchart for cervical cancer screening:

[Decision flowchart for cervical cancer screening]

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