Cervical Screening Programme
Department of Health
The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

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Eligibility & Privileges


Medical practitioners or nurses registered with the Hong Kong Medical Council or Hong Kong Nursing Council respectively who perform cervical smears are eligible to register with the Cervical Screening Programme (CSP) as service providers.


  1. Have the clinic information of registered service providers displayed in the CSP website (www.cervicalscreening.gov.hk).
  2. Receive a Certificate of Participation issued by the Department of Health.
  3. Have access to clients' past cervical smear results online, using the Authorization Code provided by clients.
  4. Receive the lists of clients due or overdue for the next smear to facilitate recall of clients.
  5. Reminder letters will be sent to clients to remind them to attend for regular smears.
  6. Receive a free training kit containing VCDs, Cervical Screening Manual and publicity materials such as booklets and pamphlets.
  7. Have statistical report on smear results.
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