Cervical Screening Programme
Department of Health
The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

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Outside clinic premises

  Posters on cervical cancer screening could be displayed outside the clinic. Interested passers-by may then walk in or phone to enquire, and make appointment for cervical cancer screening.




The receptionist may be trained to prompt the client to have a cervical smear. A fact sheet has been prepared by the Department of Health to equip receptionists/nurses at the clinics. The staff may give the clients some pamphlets on cervical cancer screening together with a women health checklist. The client may then give the checklist to the doctor during consultation and discuss about cervical smear.



Waiting room

  Posters may be displayed in a conspicuous location in the waiting room. Adequate supply of pamphlets could be placed in the waiting room to provide education materials for the public and facilitate spreading of information.



  Clinicians should take the opportunity to offer or remind women of cervical cancer screening even when they present with other clinical symptoms. There is evidence that brief advice from doctors is effective in increasing uptake of cervical cancer screening. The case notes of clients who refuse or request time to consider may be tagged so as to facilitate the receptionist or doctor to follow up with their decision later. Explore the reasons of refusal such as fear of pain, embarrassment and lack of knowledge of the need and benefit of screening and past unpleasant experience. Respond accordingly.


Other means of correspondence

  Information could be passed to your patients, while abiding by the Code of Practice issued by the Hong Kong Medical Council.


Other settings

  Women may also be prompted to have cervical cancer screening while they are in the waiting hall of emergency departments or during hospitalization.

How to register with the Cervical Screening Information System?

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