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Past Events & News – 2005

Winner of the Web Care Award 2005 Silver Prize


5 Nov 2005

The Cervical Screening Programme (CSP) has been making efforts in providing barrier-free Internet services and improving the webpage with easy access so that people with different needs (including the disabled, the elderly, the sick, etc) could enjoy the service and information available in the CSP website. We are pleased that this website has been awarded the Web Care Award 2005 Silver Prize by the Internet Professional Association on 22 Oct 2005.


Cervical Screening Manual now available online


10 Oct 2005


Health Advice on Prevention and Screening of Cancer


7 Oct 2005


Publicity Campaign in Ferry Piers & Supermarket


5 Oct 2005

To further arouse women's awareness in cervical cancer and screening, related posters will be posted up in Star Ferry piers from 14 Oct to 24 Nov 2005. From 18 Nov 2005 - 12 Jan 2006, health messages and API will be broadcasted in Park'N' Shops.


Poster Campaign in Bus Shelters


26 Aug 2005

Starting from 26 August 2005, 4 versions of posters are posted up in bus shelters all over Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories. This publicity campaign, lasting for 4 weeks, aims to increase women's awareness in prevention of cervical cancer and encourage them to have regular cervical screening.


Cervical Screening Programme Evaluation Survey 2005


28 Jul 2005

Cervical Screening Programme (CSP) has been launched for more than a year now. To enable us to better understand the current situation and improve our Programme further, we are now conducting a survey on cervical screening and awareness towards related publicity campaigns from late July to September.

The study comprises of three parts, namely, a telephone interview among general public, a postal self-administered questionnaire survey among women who have registered with the Cervical Screening Information System (CSIS) and a postal self-administered questionnaire survey among healthcare providers who have received the CSP training kit. Clients will be selected randomly and will be invited to take part in the survey. All final data used for analysis and reporting will be anonymized to protect confidentiality.

If you receive a phone call from our interviewer or receive our questionnaire, we should be grateful if you could agree to participate in the telephone survey or answer the questionnaire. Your response can definitely contribute to the ultimate success of the Programme. Should you have any queries, please feel free to call 2961 8773 (surveys among general public or CSIS registrants) or call 2961 8764 (survey among healthcare providers) during office hours.


Audio API broadcast in Supermarket


7 Jun 2005

From 10 to 23 June 2005, an audio health message about cervical screening will be broadcast in Wellcome supermarkets all over Hong Kong.

Please listen to the message while shopping.


Audio API now broadcasting in Supermarket


6 May 2005

From 6 to 19 May 2005, an audio announcement for public interest concerning cervical screening is being broadcasted in Park'n Shop supermarkets all over Hong Kong. From 10 to 23 June 2005, the broadcast will be moved to Wellcome supermarkets.

Please pay attention to the health message before you pay for your goods in the supermarket.


Cervical Screening Publicity Campaign


3 Mar 2005

Starting from 3 March 2005, passengers of MTR may be attracted by health tips displayed in MTR trains and posters posted up in MTR stations. This publicity campaign, lasting for around 3 weeks, aims to encourage women with age 25-64 to have regular cervical smears in order to prevent cervical cancer.


Update: Frequently Asked Questions


15 Feb 2005


New Functions in the Cervical Screening Information System (CSIS)


1 Feb 2005


Service Provider Map Locator


3 Jan 2005





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