Cervical Screening Programme

Cervical Screening Information System (CSIS)

The Government promotes cervical screening in collaboration with the healthcare sector to facilitate and encourage women to have regular cervical screening to prevent cervical cancer. To facilitate sharing of information among healthcare providers, the Cervical Screening Information System (CSIS) (www.csis.gov.hk) has been established. It is a computerised registry for keeping and processing related data, including participants’ personal information, screening results and next recommended screening date.

All women who receive cervical screening are eligible to register for the CSIS. Registration is free of charge.

Benefits of joining CSIS:

  • Review submitted screening records* on the Cervical Screening Information System (CSIS)
  • Receive reminders for cervical re-screening by email, by SMS or by post
  • Authorise selected service providers to review participant’s screening records for better and continuous care

Register for CSIS at www.csis.gov.hk now!

Important note: CSP Office and CSIS have no role in appointment booking and provision of cervical screening services. Participants have to make appointment for the screening service with selected service provider(s) on their own.

* Note:
Registered service providers would usually send your cervical screening results to the CSIS. For other situations, you may also send your laboratory reports to CSP Office for record at CSIS.

Information for Healthcare Providers