Cervical Screening Programme

Professional Corner

The Government promotes cervical screening in collaboration with the healthcare sector to facilitate and encourage women to have regular cervical screening to prevent cervical cancer. To facilitate sharing of information among healthcare providers, the Cervical Screening Information System (CSIS) (www.csis.gov.hk) has been established. It is a computerised registry for keeping and processing related data, including participants’ personal information, screening results and next recommended screening date.

Healthcare providers

Medical practitioners or nurses registered with the Hong Kong Medical Council or Hong Kong Nursing Council respectively who perform cervical screening are eligible to register with CSIS as service providers.

After registration with CSIS, healthcare providers will:

  • have practising information displayed on the CSP website (for medical practitioners)
  • gain access to clients’ previous cervical screening results taken by other service providers through CSIS upon their authorisation
  • get CSIS-generated reminders for cervical screening (without booking) for clients registered with CSP
  • be able to provide cervical screening result and recommend date of next screening through CSIS
  • receive health educational resource kit
  • enable clients to check submitted cervical screening results through CSIS upon successful CSP registration


All pathologists or qualified cytotechnologists who practise cervical cytology in local laboratories are eligible to register for CSP. Registered laboratories can provide cervical screening result through CSIS.

Register for CSIS at www.csis.gov.hk now!